Positively Thrilled

I have to say, that I am thrilled to go to a screening of “Zooey & Adam” by the brilliant screen writer Sean Garrity.


There’s the link please! check it out for yourself. It is an extremely haunting prospect for a movie. As the website says, Sean was moved to create this film as a result of some disturbing information that came his way.

“Every year in North America, an estimated 36,000 women become pregnant as the result of rape. Only 50% opt to terminate the pregnancy. The vast majority of the remainder have and keep their babies.”

When I heard this, my jaw hit the floor. Rape is a completely raw subject in our culture, and not often enough have we admitted that our society has a problem. I can see this movie making some serious statements and bringing plenty to light about it. Honestly, the whole idea of the movie scares me. I felt sick to my stomach, watching the trailer while knowing the nature of the movie. I was truly frightened, in an extremely emotional way.

I will be attending the Feb 1st showing, and would like to see people there!


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