My Friends

Justin Koop

April 5, 2009

My Friends

I see two coins

Flipped from hands that demand

We sell all we have to grab at them

And spend our time and our energies

Wading through wanted ads, and saving pennies

To buy that fourteen passenger van

To haul our happiness to the landfill

Just to fill it up again

My friends have hearts of ether

That can pass through the hands that try to keep ‘em

And stones that try to beat ‘em

And they speak words of peace

And wisdom in age where old people are caged

In disrespect and their own bodies to decay

I dedicate these words to the people who have heard

The news and want to cry every time

A woman loses her baby to her own selfish pride

I dedicate these words to people who see that objects decay

And that happiness is just a simple step away

People who sing words like “Our guns: We shot them in the things we said

Ah we didn’t need no bullets cos we rely on some words instead”

Because although they may not fully understand

His love, and where it comes from

They’re on the right path, learning fast

Welcome, my friends let us forgive one another

Let us smile at the sun and dance by the moon

Let us stay silent in a moment of grief

And just be.

Let us only speak if the word is truth

Let us snip the world’s noose

My friends and I, see the green in life

And it’s not money or cash, its the grass

That grows, that lives underneath our backs

As we stare at the sky that will always stare back


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