Them Ole’ Days

Today I was reading through some old Edgar Allan Poe, and some Wordsworth and Coleridge. I wish that I could wave a wand or say an incantation that would bring us back to that time. At a very fundamental level I am a Romanticist. These writers, and writers of that time were all about reviving a very humble and begign version of man. They believed that ‘a man, in closeness to nature is perfect’. I couldn’t agree more.

Many of them hated what was happening to culture with the industrial revoloution and sought to change people’s minds through poetry and natural living.

I wish, too, that Canadian culture could take a dial back in time to the Romantic era. Fashion was simple and elegant, Customs were observed to show respect for other people. Of course there were faults like people who would take those things too far, but it would be better than throwing away respect all together!

Maybe if I justs start following it other people will join up!

Anybody know where to get relaxed-wear from the 1700’s?

– Justin


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