Untitled Poem

Justin Koop

April 14, 2009


I’m watching governments crumble,
On hills of gold they stumble,
In their own traps, snares and nets,
Their feet are caught and tangled.

I’m watching governments cry,
Not for soldiers who have died,
Nor the sick, widowed or maimed,
But for dollars they mislaid.

I’m watching a War on Terror,
That multiplies the error,
Cover ups, we’ve had enough,
Of their sins they should be the bearer.

I’m watching the Atheist scoff,
At a God who they say is false,
While he condemns “A God who kills”,
At the Atheist’s law, thousands unborn rot.

I’m watching in lamentation,
“Lord, please save them”,
The world turns it’s back, and hates his love,
Yet there his arms are waiting.


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