Winnipeg Smells like:

Urine and Free Motel Soap

Like uncovered coughs and pale faces

Like dust that grits in your nails

Like cheap dollarama perfume

and cheaper expectations

Like snob nosed snot dribbling


Like arrogant office sweat

and greasy cards that cheat

like stale smoke among old concrete,

cheap beer spills,

and cancer pills, with leftover sex

like boredom turned to lust

like old paint caked with rust

like deformed rain with 24/7 7/11 convinience

mixed with pestilent breath and a beggars lie for money

Winnipeg Smells like:

A ripped garbage bag of frustration

like Tylenol induced headaches and Listerine in brown paper bags

like two men fighting over a scrap of pavement

like Portage Place on a sleazy gang filled afternoon


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